A Burgundy Experience at Moulin de St Georges

Wine tasting

Moulin de Saint Georges, gite de charme à Auxerre

An introduction to wine tasting

A unique opportunity to discover the wines of Burgundy

The St Georges Moulin wants your stay to enhance your overall well-being: it is in this spirit that we at the Moulin consider
the discovery of Burgundy wines an important part of your stay.

An introduction to the flavors to better understand wine

The subtlety of Burgundy wines is in fact their true value. To better understand the blend of aromas and to discover
the influence of the soil and sun in winemaking, the Moulin de St Georges can organize for guests an introduction to local wines led by a
regional specialist.

A guided tour of a Chablis vineyard and winery

Custom-designed for you, this introductory tasting of Burgundy wines will take you into the cellar of a famous Chablis
winery. The winemakers will explain their work, their care for the vines and wines, and even reveal some secrets of this special wine.

A walk through the most beautiful vineyards of Chablis

The tour that we have designed, will take you to the heart of the beautiful vineyards of Chablis.  Our specialist will explain the importance
of sun, soil composition, the work of the vines, and the different wines distributed in Chablis.

To book

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A tailor-made service

  • for 4 to 7 people
  • custom-designed with you
  • tour by a Burgundy specialist
  • introduction to the local flavors in the mill
  • visit a winery in Chablis
  • walk in the Chablis vineyards
Moulin de Saint Georges, gite de charme à Auxerre

Come to Moulin de St Georges

A tour built for your pure pleasure

An introduction to the local flavours
Dégustation vins Moulin de Saint Georges
A visit to the cellars of Chablis
Caves Chablis Moulin de Saint Georges
A walk through the vineyards
Vignes à coté du Moulin de Saint Georges, gite de charme en Bourgogne
Stay at Moulin de St Georges
Vue du Moulin de Saint Georges, gite de charme en Bourgogne

Informations about the Burgundy experience at Moulin de St Georges


This experience is exclusively for people staying at Moulin de St Georges.

Wine tasting

Conducted by a specialist in Burgundy wines, local restaurateur and former Elysées sommelier, this wine tasting will be developed with you.


An introduction to the wines of Burgundy is suitable for families or groups of friends consisting of 4 to 7 people.


Based on three different formulas, the tariff for this Burgundy Experience depends on the size of the group and the number of wines you wish to discover.