History of Moulin de Saint-Georges by Eric Vandenbosshe

An exciting history!

Ancien Moulin de Saint Georges, gite de charme à Auxerre

One might imagine that the oldest building in Saint Georges would be its church.  It is true that the first written mention of the church’s existence dates back to 1253.  However, there is a building that dates back to the century before the church.  Can you guess the building?

Yes! Records, written in Latin and dating from 1163, show that the Bishop of Auxerre, Alain, mentions donations made by his predecessor, Hugh of Macon, at the Abbey of St. Marien, for the mill and lands situated on the ru Baulche in Saint Georges. As Bishop, Hugh held the bishopship of Auxerre from 1137 to 1151, and so we can assume that the mill was built at that time: and this corresponds with the date of installation of other water mills around France.

Between the mid-twelth century and the mid-fourteenth century, the Abbey of St. Marien of Auxerre acquired extensive land around the mill, from the road to the end of Montboulon Villefargeau through to Chanteraine and Bonpain.

We understand that by 1377 the mill was in ruins, probably following the battles of the Hundred Years War that ravaged the region. At that time, it was leased to Etienne Bernard, who was charged with the responsibility to restore the mill for the sum of 100 sols at Christmas and 25 sols at the Assumption. One hundred years later in 1487, records show the mill was leased to a certain Pierre Leroy, a mill labourer from Parly, but within a year Claude Vinot became the miller. Vinot and his heirs retained possession until 1573.  However, following a pronouncement by the Provost of Auxerre on January 17th 1573, his descendant, George Vinot, who was a prisoner of the royal prisons (we do not know why), was required to hand over the mill to the monks of St. Marien in return for his release from prison.  The mill then passed to Jacques Betagnon, a Saint Georges canvas weaver, on October 15, 1580. By this time, the mill no longer ground grain, but was used to beat cloth – cog-driven mallets beat the woolen cloth in order to soften it.  However, the mill then appeared once again tofall into ruin.

Shortly before this time, around 1572/1574 , another mill was built in Saint -Georges also on the land of St. Marien, along ru Baulche downstream from the earlier mill. Apparently it was a certain Boirot Germain , an Auxerre merchant, who invested in this mill’s construction.  In 1581, this new mill was used to grind flour for the residents of St. George, Montmercy, Charbuy, Perrigny, the suburbs of Auxerre as well as other nearby places.  In 1588, Boirot Germain’s son, on the recommendation of the Provost of Auxerre, leased the grist mill situated near the ford of St. George to miller, Thomas Nichol.  The mill was fully renovated in 1599 and leased to miller and master carpenter, Philebert Chaumard, and his wife Anne Bernard.  In 1619, the mill took the official name, “Moulin Boirot”, and this name survives to this day.  From that time until the French Revolution, many millers succeeded each other, and then in 1808 the mill became the property of Mr. Vidal, Mayor of Saint-Georges.  In 1836, after spending his summer vacation in Saint-Georges, Antoine François Courot, the great grandfather of the famous writer, Romain Rolland, took ownership of the property.

In 1846 the mill was totally destroyed, with only a few large stones remaining in the meadow.  Today, the mill of St. George, named Mill St. Marien, has been beautifully restored and is in private ownership.



Moulin de St Georges cottage in Burgundy

  • for 5-7 people
  • 4 personalized rooms
  • 1 spacious living room with fireplace
  • 1 mezzanine
  • 2 terraces, park and gardens arround
  • 1 large, well-appointed kitchen bar
  • near Auxerre, Chablis and Vézelay
Moulin de Saint Georges, gite de charme à Auxerre

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Cuisine du Moulin de Saint Georges, gite de charme en Bourgogne

Featuring a kitchen bar, the comfort of your stay will be assured, you will be right at home.

Séjour du Moulin de Saint Georges, gite de charme en Bourgogne
Living room

With its central fireplace and large windows, the room radiates comfort and harmony.

Rooms of Moulin de Saint Georges, gite de charme en Bourgogne

Four lovely bright and comfortable rooms for an unforgettable stay in Burgundy.

Terrasse du Moulin de Saint Georges, gite de charme en Bourgogne

Two large terraces to enjoy the soothing greenery and lunch in the sun.

Parc du Moulin de Saint Georges, gite de charme en Bourgogne
Meadow & gardens

A meadow inhabited 2 ponies surround the property providing a havenly charm.

Mezzanine du Moulin de Saint Georges, gite de charme en Bourgogne

Located above the living room, a large mezzanine for relaxation or quiet reading.

Charming cottage in Auxerre: a central place in Burgundy!

Our charming cottage is located 2km from the exit “Auxerre Nord” from the A6: excellent location in the heart of Burgundy facilitates the arrival of many people from the North, East, West and South of France, and wishing to get into a halfway cottage. Below, check the central location of our cottage in Auxerre.

Charming cottage in Auxerre: discover the pictures in one click

Discover now the different areas of the Moulin de Saint-Georges, his bright living room surrounded by large windows, mezzanine pitched 4 his eclectic decorated rooms with décor 70s, its spacious kitchen bar, its outdoor terraces, one overlooking the meadow, the other more intimate suitable for breakfast or dinner with family or lovers. Unique charm.

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